Your Child's First Visit

Your child's first visit to Tot 2 Teen is fundamentally important as it forms the basis of our relationship. We work together with parents and guardians to obtain important information needed to provide excellent comprehensive dental care for your child. We strive to make this experience fun and relaxing for everyone.

We will introduce your child to the dental chair and some instruments such as the "tooth counter" and "mirror".

Your Child's First Dental Check Up

Your Infant/Toddler's First Dental Visit

For younger children a "lap to lap" examination may be suggested.

Holding your child on your lap gently lay your child's head on the assistant's or dentist's lap. Together you and the staff will be able to see into your child's mouth and your child will be safe in the arms of their parent's.

Lap to Lap Examination

We check the growth and alignment of the jaw, health of the gingiva and the teeth

When behaviour is appropriate we can also do a prophylaxsis (especially if your child has black line stains)

Brush on a varnish fluoride

No cavities!