Floss is Boss

This experiment will show you how important it is to use floss to clean your teeth on all sides!

Try this fun experiment at home (with the help of mom and dad of course!)


You will need:

• A jar of peanut butter (only use if you are not allergic or you could use jam instead)
• Some dental floss
• A tooth brush

What to do:

Hold your hand up and have someone spread peanut butter between your fingers. Your fingers are just like your teeth and the peanut butter is the leftover food, debris and plaque found between your teeth. Now tighten your fingers together again. With your fingers tightened and still pointing up, try to scrub the peanut butter away with the tooth brush – remember not to move your fingers apart! When you are finished scrubbing, spread your finger apart and see how well you cleaned between your fingers. Did you leave some peanut butter behind? Close your fingers again and have someone else use the floss to remove the peanut butter from between your fingers.

Which did a better job – brushing alone or with the floss? The toothbrush could not clean between your closed fingers just like it cannot clean between teeth that are touching. That is why you need to use floss every day to remove the dirt from between n your teeth.