Baby Teeth


Why are baby
teeth important?

Baby teeth are involved in mastication (eating), speech, holding space and guiding adult teeth into the correct position within the jaw.

Oral health is linked to our children's overall health. Oral habits can determine how healthy our children's teeth are and these habits include flossing, brushing and healthy snacks.

Poor oral health can lead to pain, swelling, disrupted sleep, poor concentration & learning as well as local and systemic infections.

Begin to practice good oral health as soon as your child's teeth erupt.

At Tot 2 Teen we believe that communication and education is important to good oral health. By introducing your child to the dentist by the age of one, not only creates a good relationship with the dental team it also helps promotes good oral habits that will last a lifetime.


Why should baby
teeth get fixed?

Many parents ask why primary teeth are restored since they fall out any ways. While it is true that primary teeth fall out, they do so over many years as your child is growing. The first teeth that usually fall out are the lower central incisors (front teeth) and they are of course replaced with permanent incisors. However the back primary molars are not replaced typically until 10 to 12 years of age and in some cases up to 16 years of age.